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Advantages and characteristics of high purity gas diaphragm compressor

Diaphragm compressor is a special structure of volumetric compressor, the cylinder does not need lubrication, sealing performance is very good, the compression medium does not contact with any lubricant, so diaphragm compressor can compress very high purity gas, generally can reach 99.999% purity. Diaphragm compressor is especially suitable for precious rare gas compression, transportation, bottling, in addition to highly corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, radioactive gas, also suitable for the use of diaphragm compressor. Diaphragm compressor cylinder heat dissipation performance is good, close to isothermal compression, can use a higher compression ratio, so it can provide a wide range of pressure from very low pressure to 200MPa, diaphragm compressor is mainly used in the special gas market, it is used in industrial gas, food industry, petrochemical, nuclear power, aviation. Aerospace, military equipment, scientific research and other fields. Suitable for conveying high compression pressure, high purity, flammable, explosive, strong corrosive and leakage-free gas, such as hydrogen compressor, nitrogen compressor, helium compressor, high-purity gas compressor.

Oxygen diaphragm compressor, hydrogen diaphragm compressor, helium diaphragm compressor, nitrogen diaphragm compressor and so on have the following advantages and characteristics:

1) the whole machine has reasonable structure design, stable and reliable operation, small vibration, low noise, and easy operation and maintenance.

2) The cylinder parts adopt the structure without oil distribution plate, which reduces the difficulty of assembly process, reduces the sealing surface, and alarms when the compression medium leaks, thus improving the reliability of the whole machine.

3) The new type of diaphragm cavity curve and inlet valve improve the volumetric efficiency of the compressor and prolong the service life of diaphragm and valve of diaphragm compressor with vulnerable parts.

4) Built-in oil pump station provides stable pressure, clean quality, fully cooled lubricant for compressor lubrication and cylinder work, and solves the shortcomings of oil leakage of the original external compressor.

5) a highly automated control system ensures the safe operation of the equipment.

6) the entire equipment is concentrated on a skid mounted chassis, facilitating the transportation, installation and management of the equipment.

The basic working principle of diaphragm compressor:

Gas pressure can be improved by single-stage or multi-stage compression to meet the customer's demand for pressure, flow, temperature and other process parameters. The motor drives the crankshaft, connecting rod and piston to drive the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil drives the diaphragm, and then compresses the medium through the vibration of the diaphragm. Membrane compressor is a special volumetric compressor. Its working cylinder is divided into two parts by diaphragm. The upper side of the diaphragm is called air cavity, and the lower part is called oil cavity. When the piston is working, the hydraulic oil drives the diaphragm to drive the compression medium out of the diaphragm cavity. The diaphragm compressor works through the diaphragm deformation to realize the compression of the gas. When the diaphragm is moving, it should be closely attached to the surface of the cylinder head diaphragm cavity and have a small gap with the surface of the cylinder block diaphragm cavity. Work under approximate equal strength.