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What parameters are required for the inquiry of diaphragm compressors?

When you need diaphragm compressor, hydrogen compressor, nitrogen compressor, helium compressor, diaphragm compressor diaphragm, please pay attention to the following parameters at least, so that we can provide you with the correct model or program in time.

1. Suction pressure: also known as inlet pressure, that is, the pressure value of the buyer's gas source (which does not consider the pressure loss between the gas source and the diaphragm compressor suction port in the pipeline);

2, exhaust pressure: also known as export pressure, that is, the maximum working pressure required by the buyer system.

3. Suction temperature: that is, the temperature of the buyer's gas source (which does not consider the temperature loss between the gas source and the suction port of the diaphragm compressor in the pipeline for the time being);

4, exhaust temperature: also known as outlet temperature. That is to say, the maximum temperature measured after the gas is compressed out of the diaphragm compressor outlet should be less than the maximum temperature allowed by the compression medium.

5. Temperature of supply air: also known as the temperature of exhaust after cooling, the high-temperature gas discharged from the outlet of diaphragm compressor is cooled by the cooling system of the compressor, and is used by the buyer.

6. Compressed medium: or compressed gas, if mixed gas, should provide the composition of mixed gas, various components of the proportion of mixed gas, and should provide the characteristics of compressed medium;

7. Volume capacity: also known as exhaust or gas supply, that is, the above suction pressure, exhaust pressure, the unit time required gas volume, generally in the standard state, namely: the standard gas volume per hour (Nm3/H);

8. Electrical explosion-proof level and specific requirements and special requirements for diaphragm compressor automatic control.

9. When ordering foreign customers, the voltage and frequency of the power supply should be specified.