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How to maintain and maintain diaphragm compressor

Diaphragm compressor, as a volumetric compressor, has two characteristics determined by its structural characteristics: high compression ratio and good sealing. It is widely used to compress and transport various high-purity gases, precious and rare gases, toxic and harmful gases and corrosive gases. As an irreplaceable volumetric compressor, it will follow. The progress and development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards will be more widely used. The main application fields of diaphragm compressors are aerospace, nuclear power, food and medicine, petrochemical, electronic industry, material industry, national defense, military industry and scientific testing.

How diaphragm compressor is maintained depends on the industry used. It is usually suitable for special gases, such as hydrogen sulfide compressor, hydrogen chloride diaphragm compressor and other special gases. The body is separated from the piston and the lubricating oil, so as to ensure the harmless treatment of the gas, to ensure that the structure of the body is not polluted and corroded, and can do work in good condition, and carry out normal suction, compression, discharge and other processes.

Maintenance and maintenance of diaphragm compressor, the main content is to adjust, cleaning, in the diaphragm compressor after a period of operation, mutual clearance may increase, instrumentation flexibility inadequate accuracy, parts wear, excessive dirt... All these need to be solved through maintenance of each period. How do we implement these steps? Oil renewal on time; filter element easy to accumulate dust, do a good cleaning plan to avoid clogging; and all vulnerable parts to be replaced in time, such as diaphragm compressor, valve, etc.

Temperature is too high or low, pressure instability, poor gas quality, they are relatively easy to meet in the compressor fault, mostly due to the lack of timely maintenance. If you can do a good job in each project is the fundamental control, and ensure that the machine in continuous operation does not occur abnormal. How to maintain the diaphragm compressor not only knows the process, but also should grasp the details of the process, must conform to the ultimate goal, constantly upgrade the current state, maintain good strain capacity.