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Why should diaphragm compressor be cancelled? How does it save energy and reduce consumption?

Diaphragm compressor has been invented for more than 100 years, especially in recent years, the technological progress is rapid, resulting in many new technologies and product patents. Among them, the structure of canceling the oil distributor on the head of diaphragm compressor is one of the important progress. The so-called non-oil distribution plate is the original diaphragm compressor cylinder part is composed of cylinder head, cylinder block, oil distribution plate and diaphragm diaphragm compressor. The purpose of setting up oil distribution plate is to make the oil pressure on the back of diaphragm evenly distributed on the diaphragm. There are many holes on the oil distribution plate, but the area of these holes is twice the piston area. A traditional design has been used for one hundred years, but in fact it is wrong. It does not take into account the fluid mechanics and oil compressibility coefficient, which greatly reduces the efficiency of diaphragm compressor exhaust, increased power consumption, but also complex, and a high-pressure seal, so that maintenance is inconvenient, but also easy to leak oil. So we should explore the new structure, the so-called non-distribution plate structure is: the cylinder cylinder is composed of cylinder block, cylinder head, diaphragm three main components, cylinder block above assume part of the original distribution plate functions, such as membrane surface and small holes. The patent technology has solved the problems of oil leakage, exhaust efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, sealing and maintenance.