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What are the factors affecting diaphragm life of diaphragm compressors? How to improve the life of diaphragm?

Diaphragm compressor diaphragm compressor life expectancy generally has six major influencing factors:

1. The diaphragm is of a stature.

2. The quality of diaphragm manufacturing process.

3. The design of the cavity curve is optimized.

4. Design of cylinder head and cylinder block.

5. The degree of uniformity of bolt preload.

6, compressed media.

Having understood these influencing factors, we can carry out research strategies for them.

First of all, diaphragm material for diaphragm compressor needs very good elasticity and toughness, now generally used 1Cr18Ni9Ni and 00Cr15Ni5. Then the surface quality is good and the flatness is high. Optimize the design of cavity curve and optimize the design of cylinder head and cylinder block. A lot of practice and experience need to be accumulated here. How many bolts are used, how many holes are distributed on the curved surface, how many holes are cooled, and how air intake and exhaust are designed, all of which affect the diaphragm life.

The influence of the compressed medium is relatively large. The cleaner the gas, the higher the life of the diaphragm. At present, the standard of diaphragm life is not less than 4000 hours, it is a statistical value, many customers use good circumstances, diaphragm life is generally more than 10,000 hours. It greatly improves the reliability of diaphragm compressors, and brings huge economic benefits to customers and society.